meet our founder

At Nessa Brush Spa we believe your brushes need some R 'n R after all the work they put in to helping us feel beautiful. The Nessa Brush Spa solution was formulated to clean your dirty makeup brushes quickly and effortlessly. Leaving your brushes with a soothing lavender scent. Our gentle spa solution is kind to your brushes and killer to harmful bacterias that can cause your skin to breakout. Regular cleaning of our brushes helps to maintain their original shape, removes all the oils, dead skin cells, and skin mites that live in dirty brushes, allowing your skin to breathe and makeup to apply smoothly.

Christine Duell, founded Nessa in 2016 after a successful, 16+ year career in TV and Film production. She produced several hit series, including The Hills, Catfish, Big Brother, and many more. While traveling and working non-stop, her skin was constantly breaking out. Once she finally determined that her dirty makeup brushes were a part of the problem, she became driven to create a solution. Christine is known for encouraging women to speak up, in all aspects of their life and is an advocate for the prevention of sexual assault. She grew up in Scotland and is of Irish descent, which influenced how she named the company. In Scotland, Nessa means “pure” and in Ireland, Nessa refers to a “powerful, ambitious, beautiful woman”, which we hope our product will inspire women to be. During our 2018 IndieGoGo campaign 10% of all profits from our Nessa water bottles were donated to RAINN - the largest anti-sexual violence organization.